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What's Hydrant Hysteria? How do I get a team going?


What is Hydrant Hysteria?

Hydrant Hysteria is a fast-paced, hands on competition being held at a competiotion in March . Teams of two assemble a hydrant as fast as possible.

How do we practice?

Donated hydrants will be available for teams to practice. Each team must supply their own set of hand tools. A full list of materials will be provided.

When is the competition?

A demonstration competition will take place in mid March.

Why participate?

Battle your peers, colleagues, and friends to become a  CTAWWA Hydrant Hysteria Champion!

Check out the demo!



Interested in more information or starting a team?

Please contact Brad Whitaker at 603-520-0450 or email [email protected]

or Romana Longo at [email protected]

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