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CtWARN and Resources for Utilities


As the Coronavirus pandemic continues and has now extended into New England, the CtWARN wanted to share some guidance for utilities as well as additional resources to assist in preparing for potential impacts to your utility:

  • Review your Emergency Response Plan with staff, with a focus on the pandemic/communicable disease section. Update as necessary to ensure continuity of operations in the event a staff member or members become affected and has to quarantine. This is where being a member of CtWARN will be of value as you would be able to call upon other members for assistance. See CtWARN SOPs for full details on how to request assistance (it is a utility-to-utility request system). CtWARN agreement that details insurance, worker’s comp, indemnification, etc., in the event operators are requested to cross city or town lines to another utility. 
  • Check in with your chemical suppliers to see if they are being affected, and what you can do to properly prepare to ensure you have enough supply through advance purchases. Also check in with other key suppliers for status on materials.
  • Reach out to your neighboring utilities to see what they may be doing to plan. If they are not members ofCtWARN, encourage them to join. The application can be downloaded at and sent back to Tom Barger [email protected]


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