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Fall InFlow-Line – Requests for News & Articles

Sep. 1, 2020

InFlow-Line – Requests for News & Articles

What better way to showcase your products and services than by submitting news and announcements for publication in Inflow Line, Connecticut's water industry publication?  Inflow Line is jointly published by CTAWWA and CWWA.

The deadline for the Fall Issue is September 30!  Please let us know if you are interested in contributing an article, an announcement, or other news item of interest to our members.  Please email your news items to me at [email protected] and include InFlow-Line in the subject line.  Articles and announcements should be attached as a word document and pictures attached in .jpg format.  Note:  There is generally a 30-45 day lag between the time that articles are submitted to the editorial board for review and the time the magazine is published.  Please be mindful of this if you include dates for upcoming events, etc.

Product Announcements – For the last issue, we received several product announcements and wanted to provide contributors some guidelines for publication:

•All announcements are subject to review and approval by both the association and the publisher.

•Announcements will be considered for inclusion in the publication only when space allows in the current issue of the magazine. We will not cut back on feature articles, committee reports, and other editorial content to make room for product announcements.

•Product announcements should focus more on successful project work rather than sales/marketing information. Product announcements featuring completed project work or relevant case studies specific to Connecticut are preferred. Also, please do not compare your product to other products or imply superior quality or service – simply provide information on the new product and its features.

Please submit articles to [email protected]