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CTAWWA Diversity & Inclusion Award

Sep. 2, 2020


Award Criteria



Purpose of the Award: Recognize an individual, group, or organization that has created, promoted, and maintained diversity and inclusion by establishing an environment that recognizes, encourages, and effectively utilizes each individual's talents.

CTAWWA recognizes the role of diversity and inclusion as being essential to the growth, structure, and continued success of any organization. Diversity and inclusion should be an inherent trait of any organization and is manifest in the mosaic of people who bring a variety of backgrounds, perspectives, values, and beliefs as assets to a group or organization in which they interact. The Diversity and Inclusion Award is not given to an individual, group, or organization on the basis of who they are, but because of their achievements and accomplishments.

Eligibility for the Award: An CTAWWA individual, group, or organizational member who has promoted or demonstrated excellence and leadership in most or all of the following areas:

a. Bringing a variety of backgrounds, perspectives, values and beliefs as assets to a group or organization with which they interact.

b. Establishing an environment that recognizes and encourages the effective use of each individual’s talents and other contributions to the cause of diversity.

c. Promotion and fostering of diversity programs such as mentoring, support networks, internship programs, co-op programs, work study, diversity training, or other opportunities.

d. Development of management accountability/tracking methods as means of quantifying the impact of the efforts to increase and maintain diversity.

Entry Requirements: CTAWWA entry form along with full name, address, and biographical information (for individuals) of each nominee, and a detailed yet concise description of how the nominee meets the eligibility criteria.

The Award: Plaque & CTAWWA Nomination for the AWWA National Diversity & Inclusion Award

Presentation of the Award: The award will be presented at CTAWWA/CWWA Annual Spring Conference in May. 

Nomination Procedure: Please submit or email completed application to [email protected]
Or send to: CTAWWA
P.O. Box 330472
West Hartford, CT 06133

Nomination Deadline: Septmeber 30, 2020