Education & Program Committee

Reports to: Education and Public Affairs Council

Responsibilities: The purpose of the committee is to provide educational opportunities for members of our section. The committee provides TCH's for its courses to allow operators to retain their licenses by attending CTAWWA sponsored programs.  The committee also plans the technical program for the annual conferene in May and ATCAVE (Annual Technical Conference and Vendor Expo) in February, and obtains appropriate speakers. Committee members call the particular session to order, introduce the speakers and act as the moderator during the session.

Education & Program Committee Annual Report


Peter J. Grabowski, Co-Chair
Tighe & Bond
Phone:  (413) 572-3234
Email: [email protected]

Stephen K. Rupar, Co-Chair
Phone: (475) 882-1701
E-Mail: [email protected]
Raymond E. Baral Jr.
The Metropolitan District
Phone: (860) 278-7850 ext. 3924 
Email: [email protected]
Robert Longo
Bristol Water & Sewer Dept.
Phone: (860) 582-7431
Email: [email protected]
Scott Bonett
Hazen and Sawyer
Phone: (860) 936-3903
Email: [email protected] 
Leah Hall
Tighe & Bond
Phone: (860) 852-5234
Email: [email protected]
Yesher Larsen
Aquarion Water Company
Phone: (203) 926-4312
Email:[email protected]
Vicky Carrier
CT Department of Public Health
Phone: (860) 509-7333 ext. 7315
Email: [email protected]
Kevin Schwabe
The Connecticut Water Company
Phone: (860) 664-6137
Email: [email protected]
Jim Hill
Regional Water Authority
Phone: (203) 401-6729
Email: [email protected]
Vincent Tanuis
Watertown Fire District
Phone: 860-483-0665
Email: [email protected]org
Adam Szczesniak
Phone: (800) 942-0722
Cell: (860) 9933418
Email: [email protected]
Neil H. Amwake
Wallingford Water & Sewer
Phone: (203) 949-2670
Email: [email protected]
Pam Minella
Colchester Water Department
Phone: (860) 319-1183)
Email: [email protected]
Kevin Flood
Fuss & O'Neill, Inc.
Cell: (203) 870-5359
Email: [email protected]
Elaine Sistare
Town of Putnam Town Engineer/Planner
Phone: 860-963-6800, x 113
Email: [email protected]