Water Treatment Plant Operations & Maintenance Committee

Reports to: Technical and Standards Council

Mission: The goals of this committee are 1) to provide support and guidance to Connecticut Section members, treatment plant operators, managers, supervisors, and engineers, through forums, educational programs and technical documents and 2) to provide a forum for the free-flowing exchange of ideas and information amongst treatment plant operators and associated personnel. 

Responsibilities: Because our existence (and focus) begins at the grass roots level our primary responsibility lies in fostering the education and experience of newer operators by giving them a network of seasoned professionals to rely on.

Prepare, Plan & Execute Virtual Treatment System Inspections

Water Treatment Plant Operations & Maintenance Annual Report

Stephen C. Olson, P.E., Co-Chair
H2Olson Engineering
Cell: (781) 588-6800
Thomas Cutler, Co-Chair
Norwich Public Utilities
Phone: (860) 887-3162
Email: [email protected]
Raymond E. Baral Jr.
The Metropolitan District
Phone: (860) 278-7850 ext. 3924 
Email: [email protected]
Nick Rossi
Aquarion Water Company
Phone: (203) 869-8118
Email: [email protected]
Kirk Ducharme
City of Bristol
Phone: (860) 583-6504
Mandy Smith
CT DPH - Drinking Water Section
Phone: (860) 509-7333
Email: [email protected]
Vanessa Borkowski
Phone: (860) 948-1628
Email: [email protected]
Ryan Fleming
Weston & Sampson 
Phone: (860)513-1473 Ext 3031
Email: [email protected]
Dan Bolduc
City of Bristol
Phone: (860) 583-6504
Nicholas Meder
Connecticut Water Company
Phone: (860) 664-6157
Matt Wittneben
Regional Water Authority
Phone: (203) 484-9955
Paul Andrews
Connecticut Water Company
Phone: (860) 304-2297
Gianna Terravecchia
Weston & Sampson
Phone:  (978) 532-1900