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Filter media cracking

Has anyone ever had any issues with cracks in their filter media. We use multi media filtration and are getting small cracks in the first 1-3" of our anthracite.


  1. Kirk Ducharme

    Sep. 19, 2016

    Is this happening consistently with all filters? If so I would rule out underdrain and breakthrough issues. Has there been any change in type of carbon or alum? Certain brands of carbon contain cellulose filler that will shrink the schmuzdecke and cause shallow cracking.

    1. Dan

      Sep. 24, 2016

      Yes, we have changed our carbon recently. I called the manufacturer and had them send us a different brand which was less dense than the previous carbon. When we noticed the cracking it was happing in all 4 filters. I changed the frequency of backwashing from every other shift to every shift,this seemed to help the most. We are going to do core samples to see if the filter media is breaking down, it may need to be replaced

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