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WWTP Startup - Valve Field Test

Here is what I am dealing with: Engineer requested that all system isolation valves must be field tested for the fully closed position. The tech spec does not include any additional information to go further. We have butterfly valves at the pumps for control/isolation purposes. Each valve was shop tested per AWWA c504 and hydro tested with the piping system. We performed an inspection before and after installation. I was in full control of pump heads using the valves. To solve this issue I submitted a simple plan per factory recommendation and AWWA M44 manual to demonstrate "number of turns". But Engineer does not accept it, holding up any further test activity of any system and reject startup plans. I am almost 20 years ago in startup/construction and I feel a little insane this situation. Please advise, if you have any additional, low-cost method or any thought. Thank you!


  1. Gerry McDermott

    Mar. 8, 2018

    I'm curious to learn how you addressed the engineer's field testing requirements. While I don't know the piping configuration, you should be able to flow water from a hydrant or service, then operate valve(s) to verify that they close entirely. Where you don't have a hydrant or service that can be flowed, you could consider installing temporary taps in the pipe that can be operated to verify that water stops flowing when the valve is operated. Once the valve test is complete, you can remove the tap and install a plug. Just a thought.

  2. dcaverly

    Feb. 17, 2018

    You might want to look at this PDF on details about API 598 Valve Inspection and Testing while you wait for another reply to help you out: out.http://valvestest.com/pic/other/2014-07-22/2014-07-22-19-10-49-95.pdf


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