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CTAWWA Enhancer Program 2021


November 11, 2020
12:00 AM - 12:00 AM
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The CTAWWA Associates Committee is pleased to announce
The 2021 Section Enhancement Renewal Program

The Connecticut Section’s Associates Committee requests your support of the Annual Section Enhancement Program. This vital program can be a key not only to our present day but certainly to the future of our industry.

Section members from the Manufacturer, Supplier, Consultant, Service Provider, and Contractor sectors of the water industry have contributed significant time and financial resources to the CT Section AWWA and the Associates Committee strongly believes these special efforts have enhanced the success of the Section.

As a member of the waterworks industry for over thirty years, I am keenly aware of the precious resources we all have at our disposal to get our jobs done. Be it people, equipment, information, connectivity or assets, they are all incredibly important to our everyday profitability and performance.

During this Covid-19 pandemic, and restrictions on social gatherings, the activities of the Associates Committee have been altered this year. The more social aspects of membership have been temporarily suspended. I sincerely ask for your continued support as much of our yearly budget has been directed to our scholarship programs and advancing our industry through development of young and budding professionals. That said, it is even more imperative now that your continued support helps us maintain that part of our collective mission. There will be a time soon for us to meet and socialize, but we should not miss the opportunity to assist our young and budding professionals who need our scholarship support more than ever. Like our nation collectively, we will prevail and in fact thrive with our continued support to each other. I quote the last line of the Declaration of Independence which gives us as Americans an assignment, “ And for the support of this Declaration, with a firm reliance on the protection of Divine Providence, we mutually pledge to each other our Lives, our Fortunes, and our sacred Honor.” You see our American assignment is to help one another, fully.

Which leads me to ask: what can you get for $20.83 per month? All of the above? Not in their entirety, but a small piece of each of those can be had and that opportunity is here for you. With an investment of $250.00 per year, you can accomplish some of those goals, but most importantly is the investment in people. Your commitment to become a Section Enhancer and your company’s contribution allows our committee to fund and support our scholarship program which was able to distribute $12,500 to thirteen (13) deserving students with ties to section members in 2020. That investment in our industry’s future is needed now more than ever and $250 is a small price to pay to help ensure that the next generation is ready to contribute to our industry.

The Section Enhancement Program also offers outstanding recognition for participants in the program.  Those contributing $250 become a Section Enhancer and receive the following:

  • Recognition of your support of the Associates Committee Scholarship Program.
  • Posting of your company name on the Section Enhancer page of the CT Section website.
  • Announcements at each event to acknowledge the Section Enhancers
  • An Enhancer recognition page with your firm listed with your company profile in the CT Section “InFlowLine” publication twice a year.
  • We look forward to resumption of our usual activities at ATCAVE and the Annual Joint Meeting in 2021 as conditions allow.


We have a very active committee pledged to enhance the Section’s capabilities and to maximize sponsor
participation. Through our assistance to the industry, we each gain exposure for our individual companies and this close liaison and earned respect is perhaps the best business development tool. We welcome you to become a more active member and further expand the benefit of your membership as a Section Enhancer. Currently Meeting are held via conference call and are held once a month and offer a great opportunity to expand your reach. Let your voice be heard and keep the momentum going.

If you have any questions please contact:

Kris Bates, CTAWWA Associates Committee Chair

Ferguson Waterworks, 860-307-2215 or Kristo[email protected]

Thank you to the 2020 Enahncers


$250.00 Member Ticket-2021 CTAWWA Enhancer Renewal

$250.00 Non-Member-2021 CTAWWA Enhancer Renewal