Cross Connections Committee

Reports to: Technical and Standards Council

Responsibilities: To broaden the knowledge of water utility personnel responsible for the enforcement of the Federal Safe Drinking Water Act and State of Connecticut Public Health Code Regulations which apply to cross connections. To this end, it will undertake the following:

1. Introduce and provide technical assistance that will benefit the cross connection program of water purveyors of Connecticut.

2. Provide information and advice on issues regarding cross connections, including pending legislation.

3. Work with Federal, State and Local agencies on the enforcement of applicable Public Health Codes as well as noncompliance issues.

4. Preparation and revision of the Cross Connection Control Manual, in cooperation with the Water Supplies Section, Connecticut Department of Public Health and Addition Services.

5. Create and develop awareness programs through the dissemination of information for publication on cross connections.

6. Engage in activities that will assist a utility's cross connection program in complying with Federal Safe Drinking Water Act and State of Connecticut Public Health Code Regulations.

Cross Connections Annual Report

Adam  Pandolfi, Chair
Regional Water Authority
Phone: (203) 401-2701
Email: [email protected]
Rocco Cundari
South Norwalk Electric & Water
Phone: (203) 866-4446 ext. 2026
Email: [email protected]

Al Hildred
Aquarion Water Company
Phone: (203) 337-5932
Email: [email protected]

James Hatcher
Groton Utilities
Phone: (860) 446-4074
Email: [email protected]
William Sullivan
Connecticut Dept. of Public Health
Phone: (860) 509-7336
Email: [email protected]
James McDonald
The Metropolitan District
Phone: (860) 278-7850 ext. 3673
Email: [email protected]
Stephen C. Cahill
Regional Water Authority
Phone: (203) 401-2701
Email: [email protected]
Tom Caliolo Sr.
Waterbury, Bureau of Water
Phone: (203) 346-2378
Email: [email protected]
Ryan Libby
Southington Water Department
Phone: (860) 628-5593
Email: [email protected]
David Kuzminski
Portland Water Dept.
Phone: (860) 342-6769
Email: [email protected]
Beth Gillespie
Kathy Brenner
Wallingford Water & Sewer
Phone: (203) 949-2666 
Email: [email protected]

Stuart Pomeroy
Matt Lynch
Danbury Public Utilities
Phone: (203) 796-1606
Email: [email protected]
Email: [email protected]

Craig Sims
New Britain Water Dept.
Phone: (860) 826-3534
Email: [email protected]

Anthony West
City of Meriden Water Division
Phone: (203) 630-4291
Email: [email protected]

Joe Pagliaruli
Bristol Water Dept.
Phone: (860) 582-7431
Email: [email protected]

Michael Trevisan
City of Middletown Water Works
Phone: (860) 343-8085
Email: [email protected]
Mitch Livingston
Manchester Water and Sewer
Phone: (860) 647-3115
Email: [email protected]
Gino Lavorgna
Regional Water Authority
Phone: (203) 401-2696
Email: [email protected]