Membership Committee

Reports to: Administrative and Policy Council

Responsibilities: The Membership Committee shall establish procedures for obtaining new members and to encourage, promote and retain individual, student, operation, organization and utility memberships in the American Water Works Association throughout the state.

Committee Purpose:

To increase membership in AWWA through membership drives to recruit new members and through hosting membership retention activities.

  1. Welcome and engage new members
  2. Engage all members
  3. Activities and Events
    • Sponsor the CTAWWA Annual Summer Picnic
    • Maintain Presence at CTAWWA activities

Membership Committee Annual Report

Nick Rossi, Chair
Aquarion Water Company
Phone: (203) 271-1773
Email: [email protected]


Dan Lesnieski
Connecticut Water Company
Phone: (860) 292-2834
Email: [email protected]
Carolyn Giampe,
Aquarion Water Company
Phone: (203) 337-5908        
Email: [email protected]
Kris Bates
Ferguson Waterworks
Phone: (860) 307-2215
Email:[email protected]

Romana Longo
Phone: (860) 604-8996
Email: [email protected]


 Robert  Longo
Bristol Water & Sewer
Phone: (860) 582-7431
Email: [email protected]

Laurie Bessette
Town of Winchester
Phone: (860) 379-2713

Email: [email protected]


Peter Bocciarelli
Regional Water Authority
Phone: (203) 401-2505
Email: [email protected]
Cubby Thompson
HD Supply Waterworks
Phone: (860) 826-0517
Email: [email protected]