Operator Certification Committee

Reports to: Education and Public Affairs Council


To serve and be recognized by the CTDPH as “Stakeholders” per EPA requirements for state water operator certification programs.

To assist in review of water operator training courses for CTDPH “approval” (course agenda, topic areas, instructors, course material, references, etc.).

To balance the needs of the community of water operators (certified and not certified) with those of regulatory agencies.

To serve as subject matter experts as needed for various projects such as proposed regulation changes.

To increase the number of certified operators in Connecticut.

To increase awareness of the certified water operator profession.

Operator Certification Committee Annual Report

State Certified Operators Program

Brad Malay-Chair
Reginal Water Authority
Phone: (203) 915-4622
Email: [email protected]
Andrew Hurlbut-Vice Chair
Professional Water Systems, Inc.
Phone: (203) 948-8113
Email: [email protected]
Raymond Esponda
City of New Britain
Phone: (860) 826-3532
Email: [email protected]
Diane Johnson
Atlantic States Rural Water
Phone: (401) 667-0511
Email: [email protected]
William Sullivan
Connecticut Dept. of Public Health
Phone: (860) 509-7336
Email: [email protected]
Tom Cutler
Norwich Public Utilities
Phone: (860) 887-3162
Email: [email protected]
Rick Brown
Regional Water Authority
Phone: (203) 484-9955
Email: [email protected]
Jimmy Sima
Sima Drilling
Phone: (203) 631-0898
Email: [email protected]
Trevor Roberts,
The Metropolitan District
Phone: (860) 313-0031 Ext. 3804
Email: [email protected]