Sustainability Committee

Reports to: Education and Public Affairs Council

Mission Statement:

To develop materials and practices on sustainable methods of water supply operation and resource management and to provide water suppliers with materials on sustainable practices for the benefit of their customers.

  • Collect and share sustainable best practices
  • Conduct sustainability-related workshops or discussions
  • Develop PSAs on topics of sustainability for dissemination to statewide media
  • Produce brochures on water suppliers’ sustainable practices to be used by individual suppliers if desired
  • Provide tidbits of sustainability-related information that can be shared through individual water suppliers’ website, Facebook page, bill insert, etc.
  • Develop Asset management guidelines for Financial, Infrastructure and Enterprise aspects so that utilities can better serve their customers.
  • Develop a Succession planning toolkit that would assist utilities in replacing their aging workforce. Create internship opportunities by creating a talent pool that utilitiescould recruit employees and assist them in developing their skills and abilities to fill needed roles.

Annual Report
Pick One Thing!
Water Conservation/Source Water Protection Brochure
Public Health Code 25-32k Compliance and
Public Health Code Section 19-13-B102(i)10(J)



David Kuzminski, Co-Chair
Portland Water Department
Phone: (860) 342-6769
Email: [email protected]
Lori Mathieu
Drinking Water Section
Phone: (860) 509-7333